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  • Lease with the Right to Purchase Program

    The program is ideal for:
    • Renters
    • First-Time Home Buyers
    • Job-Related Relocation
    • Those who are affected by past Foreclosures, Bankruptcy or Short Sale
    • Those who wish to "Try before they buy."

    Our institutional partners have a mission of making home ownership a realty for more people by offering approved prospective households the benefits of a transparent process that offers them:

    Choices, Value, Control, and Flexibility
    • Move out after each 1 year lease term without penalty
    • Elect to rent for up to 5 years ... Rent will adjust upward by 5% per year each year.
    • Purchase the home any time during tenancy

    Interested in the Program?  It is best to work with a trained Realtor with experience working with "Lease with a Right to Purchase" Programs.

    You will not pay any Realtor Fees, Commissions, or Closing Costs.  There is NO MONEY DOWN (except for the 100% refundable security deposit).  

    To successfully apply, You will need a Realtor to assist with the application and the process.

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